Hi!  Welcome to my brand new store at www.sarahhaysblankenship.com.  I hope you find a dress-up duck product that makes you smile!  Like a pillow with the lovely Cleopatra, Duck of the Nile?  I love #laughingwithpaint and hope that you do too.

I would first like to say thank you to Sarah Cray and Let's Make Art.  They introduced me to watercolor with their amazing tutorials and products.  The dressed-up ducks you see in my store are based on the duck outline from Sarah Cray and Let's Make Art.  Don't worry, I received permission from them to sell my products.  They decided because I added all the clothes, hair, and accessories, my dressed-up ducks are sufficiently different from their outline and project.  I highly recommend Let's Make Art if you are interested in learning more about watercolor, finding a fun hobby, or just having some fun with great people.  They have amazing customer service, and the free YouTube tutorials are just plain funny sometimes, especially if its Keenan (as videographer) working with Sarah.  I remain a devoted subscriber to their watercolor subscription box.  

I also want to thank the amazing community on the Let's Make Art Watercolor Facebook page.  I love sharing my excitement about a subject with other people who are excited about it too.  The members of the group are very encouraging.  I definitely would not have taken my ducks this far without the support and community laughter I found with this group.  Truly, I am not sure I would be selling anything except for these wonderful people.  From the moment I painted my first duck character (Elvis Duck), these folks have been with me all the way.  

Elvis Duck


Making this store happen was a challenge, but I found a way!  I do not have the capability to order inventory (a huge cost) and sell and ship that inventory myself.  I've decided to use print-on-demand companies that can print and ship these items directly to the customer (hopefully, you!).  The only negative in this decision is that the customer does have to wait a few extra days for the printing to take place.  I want you to know that the shipping really does take a while, but I had to choose this type of selling or not at all.  So order early if you need the product for a specific date. 

I have had many requests a book of all my ducks.  I am still working on it!  If you are interested, feel free to let me know if you would want one as a coffee table book or something else? hardback? softback?  I did find a way to make a calendar for 2021, so be sure to check that out! 

Whether you are partial to the historical ducks like Queen Elizaduck I, the professional ducks like Nurse Duck, or the holiday ducks like Count Duckula, I hope you find something you like that will make you smile.  If you see a product you like without the particular duck you want on it, please email me at sales@sarahhaysblankenship.com.  I will see if I can create that product with the exact duck you want.  

Happy Shopping!